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About Nurpur


Nurpur was founded in the 11th century by Raja Jhet Pal, who was the younger brother of the ruler of Delhi. It reached its peak during the reign of Raja Basu, from 1580 to 1613, who built an impressive fort that can still be seen today. When the Mughal empire conquered northern India, Raja Basu’s son staged a rebellion which was quelled.

Before India gained independence in 1947, Nurpur was a princely state that was under the rule of the Pathania clan of Rajputs. Until India consolidated the princely states into new states, the Pathania clan had ruled Nurpur for more than eight centuries.

The main attraction of Nurpur is the

Nurpur Fort

Brij Raj Swami Temple

Nagani Mata Temple

Baglamukhi Mata Temple


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